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Virtual Triton Day

Welcome to Structural Engineering Virtual Triton Day!

On Triton Day and Triton Transfer Day UC San Diego's Structural Engineering department will host a live online question and answer session where prospective first year students and their families can meet the Structural Engineering department chair, undergraduate chair, faculty, undergraduate advisor, lab manager, as well as current UCSD students.

Admitted students will get the Zoom webinar link and password via their admitted student portal.  Questions can also be directed to the SE Student Affairs department: se-sa@eng.ucsd.edu.

In preparation for these meetings we invite prospective students to learn more about our program by watching the following videos as well as reading through the prospective student portion of our website including the Explore the SE Student Experience, Career OpportunitiesUndergraduate Labs, and our Student Organizations 


Explore the four focus sequences: The structural engineering major includes four focus sequences: civil structures, aerospace structures, geotechnical engineering, and structural health monitoring.  Students choose one focus sequence to complete and gain additional knowledge through completing technical electives.


  • Civil Engineering Structures and Infrastructure Focus Sequence (Link to YouTube video)
    Safety in buildings and built infrastructure, bridges, ports, and tunnels among various, is of paramount importance in a community.  Such structures have to resist extreme loads arising from wind and earthquakes, besides  several occupancy, traffic loads, and self-weight. Students taking the Civil Infrastructure Focus Sequence will become acquainted with the latest tools to design buildings and bridges.  A 2-course capstone sequence will provide students with methods for the design and testing of steel and reinforced concrete structures, leading to exciting professional job opportunities.


  • Aerospace Structures Focus Sequence (Link to YouTube video)
    Students in the Aerospace Structures Focus Sequence learn about key topics which are directly applicable to future employment in companies interested in high performance structures; for example aerospace, automotive, transportation, wind turbine/power generation. Course topics of aircraft structure design and analysis, composite materials, and joining of composites, are all applied in an intense senior capstone design 2-course sequence in which students design, analyze, build, and test an unmanned aircraft wing structure.


  • Geotechnical Engineering Focus Sequence (Link to YouTube video)
    The geotechnical focus sequence provides students with an in introduction to soil mechanics and its application to the design of underground structures like foundations, retaining walls, tunnels, landfills, bridge abutments and pavements. Students will be able to sample and classify soils then perform experiments and analyses to interpret the compressibility, hydraulic conductivity, and shear strength of soils, all of which are needed to write and interpret a geotechnical report. Design topics include shallow and deep foundations, slopes, and retaining walls. Students will learn to apply techniques to improve and reinforce soils.


  • Structural Health Monitoring/Nondestructive Evaluation Focus Sequence (Link to YouTube video)
    The Structural Health Monitoring/Nondestructive Evaluation focus sequence introduces students to a broadly interdisciplinary paradigm that integrates sensing and data acquisition, signal processing and information analytics, and risk-informed decision making for the purpose of performing monitoring of structures for optimal life cycle performance.  Students engaged in this focus sequence will take courses in nondestructive testing techniques, sensor and data acquisition principles, damage detection/localization strategies, advanced modeling model/test correlation, and a capstone experience in the context of a small-team consultancy project.  Students with this introductory background can enter multiple sectors including aerospace companies, civil design/retrofit firms, engineering service/consultancy companies, and US government laboratories, to just name just a few.



For those unable to attend our live events we encourage you to review the videos and information available on our website and YouTube channel and send us any questions you may have via email to our student affairs department at se-sa@eng.ucsd.edu.

What to explore more? Check out our YouTube channel including our playlists which links to other videos related to our program.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to our student affairs department at se-sa@eng.ucsd.edu.

Jacobs School of Engineering

The Structural Engineering department is one of the six departments in the Jacobs School of Engineering at UC San Diego.

Welcome message from the Jacobs School of Engineering

Jacobs School of Engineering 2019 institutional highlights

Additional notes on Zoom:  The SE Triton Day Q&A panel will be in webinar format which will allow prospective students and their families to view and hear the UCSD panelists.  Prospective students will submit questions via the Q&A text tool in Zoom.  Prospective students will not be on audio/video.  Please see this attachment for directions on how to download or access Zoom: Zoom directions.


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