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Structural Engineering Research and Teaching Facilities

Students have a variety of ways they can engage in research while completing their degree at UC San Diego.  Opportunities include working with faculty on research projects (see an example of one student's research on shock tubes), working in the Powell Lab, and doing independent research.

Learn about some of the amazing research the Department of Structural Engineering is doing.

Tour the Charles Lee Powell Lab and the NHERI Experimental facility at UCSD which provide large-scale high-performance experimental infrastructure to advance the science and practice of natural hazards engineering and to educate the future generation of engineers.

Ultra high-speed cameras in Professor Veronica Eliasson's lab captured what happened when grooved obstacles were used to attenuate a shock wave.   Get an inside look through the Shocks and Impacts Lab Instagram.

The Active, Responsive, Multifunctional, and Ordered-materials Research (ARMOR) Lab is led by Prof. Ken Loh.  They conduct fundamental research, advance innovative ideas and technologies, and prototype new sensing and actuation systems and their work span the broad spectrum of technology readiness levels (TRL), with both civilian and military applications.

Professor Gilberto Mosqueda presents research on large-scale testing of seismically isolated buildings.

The EnVision Arts and Engineering Maker Studio is an experimental teaching facility where students are empowered to think, design, make, tinker, break, and build again.  Take a short tour of some of what this exciting learning facility has to offer.  See more on their Instagram.

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