Structural Engineering

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General Requirements

For graduation, each student must satisfy general-education course requirements determined by the student’s college, as well as the major requirements determined by the department. The seven colleges at UCSD require widely different general-education courses, and the number of such courses differs from one college to another. Each student should choose his or her college carefully, considering the special nature of the college and the breadth of general education.

The Structural Engineering B.S. program allows for general elective (GE) courses so that students can fulfill their college requirements. Students must develop a program that includes a total of at least twenty-four units in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, not including subjects such as accounting, industrial management, finance, or personnel administration. It should be noted, however, that some colleges may require more than the thirteen GE courses indicated in the curriculum table. Accordingly, students in these colleges may take longer to graduate than the indicated four-year schedule. Students must consult with their college to determine which GE courses to take.

Undergraduate Requirements  Major Requirements 

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