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Advisor Information

Undergraduate Advisor

Virtual Advising Center

Students can submit questions to the structural engineering undergraduate advisor online via Virtual Advising Center (VAC).  

Zoom Advising

Current and prospective students may request a zoom appointment to be held during regular appointment hours.  

Appointment Policies:

  • Requests MUST be made at least TWO business days in advance. We do not schedule same-day appointments.
  • Besides a confirmation email (via a google calendar invite sent to your email address), no reminder emails will be sent.

  • If you are more than 5 minutes late, you will need to submit a new request to reschedule your appointment.

  • If you need to reschedule/cancel your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible by sending us a message via email to se-ugradadm@ucsd.edu. 

  • We may need to reschedule your appointment in the event of an emergency.  

Disclaimer: By participating in an online appointment, individuals in proximity to you and/or the advisor may have the ability to see or hear information that is shared while the appointment is taking place.

Device/Suggestions: We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer for an optimal advising experience. The advisor may be sharing websites and documents that can be difficult to view on a cell phone or tablet.

Expectations: If your device is video capable please keep in mind that you will be visible to the advisor. Ensure you are in appropriate surroundings and attire. You may opt to have your video on or off, it is at your preference.

Preparation: Please be prompt to your appointment in order to ensure the maximum amount of time with the advisor.

Make an Advising Appointment

General Appointment Hours: M-F 9-11:30 AM and M/Tu/Th 1:30-3:00 PM.

(Web address for Advising Appointments: https://calendly.com/ucsd-structural-engineering-ug-advising)




Faculty Advisors:

For more information on your faculty advisor, click here.

Student Last Name Student First Initial College Faculty Advisor Name
Abdu M WA Asaro, Robert
Acevedo J TH Chen, JS
Acosta D RE Conte, Joel
Adame H MU Elgamal, Ahmed
Adamson E WA Hutchinson, Tara
Adolphus M WA Kim, Hyonny
Aguila L WA Asaro, Robert
Ahadi A FI Qiao, Yu
Alcazar Pulido P TH Kosmatka, John
Ali H SN Krysl, Petr
Alonso Pagan C MU Kuester, Falko
Alonzo Guzman J SI Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Alstead A TH Loh, Ken
Alvarez A WA McCartney, John
Ancheta J SN Morrison, Machel
Andersen K FI Mosqueda, Gilberto
Angulo J RE Qiao, Yu
Anonuevo A SN Restrepo, Jose
Aparicio L MU Semnani, Shabnam
Arambulo I MU Shing, PS (Benson)
Araujo D WA Todd, Michael
Archila R RE Tomac, Ingrid
Arevalo D TH Tsampras, Georgios
Arreola Perez A FI Uang, Chia-Ming
Arroyo S WA Van Den Einde, Lelli
Arteaga G WA Zhu, Qiang
Arthur G WA Asaro, Robert
Asif A TH Chen, JS
Au J SN Conte, Joel
Au R FI Restrepo, Jose
Avendano-Reynoso I MU Elgamal, Ahmed
Avitia Mojica B SN Hutchinson, Tara
Ayap A MU Kim, Hyonny
Babayan L FI Chen, JS
Badrani M TH Kosmatka, John
Baghdasaryan E RE Krysl, Petr
Barraza N MU Kuester, Falko
Barrera G SN Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Battistini T SN Loh, Ken
Bauman R SN McCartney, John
Becerra A WA Morrison, Machel
Beltran G MU Mosqueda, Gilberto
Bennett M TH Qiao, Yu
Bernal F WA Restrepo, Jose
Bernard M TH Semnani, Shabnam
Betancort J WA Shing, PS (Benson)
Bhakta K WA Todd, Michael
Bhanderi K SN Tomac, Ingrid
Billman C WA Tsampras, Georgios
Blair D WA Uang, Chia-Ming
Blair N TH Van Den Einde, Lelli
Blakely B MU Zhu, Qiang
Bonilla J RE Asaro, Robert
Booth K SN Chen, JS
Borbonio L MU Conte, Joel
Borijin B FI Elgamal, Ahmed
Botello A WA Hutchinson, Tara
Brazill J WA Kim, Hyonny
Brenton A SI Conte, Joel
Brown C SN Kosmatka, John
Bui T RE Krysl, Petr
Bunt G RE Kuester, Falko
Burchard J WA Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Bussell K SN Loh, Ken
Bustos Hinojosa S TH McCartney, John
Cabrito J FI Morrison, Machel
Caccam J MU Mosqueda, Gilberto
Camarena S TH Qiao, Yu
Camorlinga J WA Restrepo, Jose
Campos A FI Semnani, Shabnam
Campos A SN Shing, PS (Benson)
Candau Z TH Todd, Michael
Capezzone N MU Tomac, Ingrid
Caram C WA Tsampras, Georgios
Carlos J MU Uang, Chia-Ming
Carter C MU Van Den Einde, Lelli
Casey K RE Zhu, Qiang
Castaneda S WA Asaro, Robert
Castellanos J WA Chen, JS
Castillo J WA Conte, Joel
Cestone J SI Elgamal, Ahmed
Cha A SN Hutchinson, Tara
Cha J SN Kim, Hyonny
Chan D FI Elgamal, Ahmed
Chan E FI Kosmatka, John
Chang M FI Krysl, Petr
Chau W SI Kuester, Falko
Chen K RE Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Chen N SI Loh, Ken
Chenh R SI McCartney, John
Chhang A TH Morrison, Machel
Chheng E SN Mosqueda, Gilberto
Chi B TH Qiao, Yu
Chi S SI Restrepo, Jose
Chong J TH Semnani, Shabnam
Choo S TH Shing, PS (Benson)
Chu J TH Todd, Michael
Cielo M WA Tomac, Ingrid
Clairicia A WA Tsampras, Georgios
Coleman G RE Uang, Chia-Ming
Cortez C SI Van Den Einde, Lelli
Couturier A SI Zhu, Qiang
Cruz A FI Asaro, Robert
Cube J RE Chen, JS
Cuellar Rodriguez R WA Conte, Joel
Cuneo R WA Elgamal, Ahmed
Dang B RE Hutchinson, Tara
Dang J SI Semnani, Shabnam
Davies Guest L WA Kim, Hyonny
Davila Y WA Hutchinson, Tara
Davis B SI Kosmatka, John
Davis L SI Krysl, Petr
Day-Kempton T MU Kuester, Falko
Decastro M SN Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Dela Pena A SI Loh, Ken
Delgado Garcia M WA McCartney, John
Delgado I SI Morrison, Machel
Dequit C FI Mosqueda, Gilberto
Diaz Portillo K WA Qiao, Yu
Diaz N FI Restrepo, Jose
Diep J SN Semnani, Shabnam
Diep P SI Shing, PS (Benson)
Dinh T SI Todd, Michael
Dionisio J SI Tomac, Ingrid
Doan J WA Tsampras, Georgios
Doan M SI Uang, Chia-Ming
Dong J TH Van Den Einde, Lelli
Dong X WA Zhu, Qiang
Dulansky M SN Asaro, Robert
Duong H SI Chen, JS
Effie M WA Conte, Joel
Eghtessadi-Reed C FI Elgamal, Ahmed
Ekberg A RE Hutchinson, Tara
Elenchezhean T SI Kim, Hyonny
Elhadari H RE Kim, Hyonny
Ellsworth N WA Kosmatka, John
Elrod K FI Krysl, Petr
Enriquez J MU Kuester, Falko
Espenida E WA Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Espinoza Suarez Y WA Loh, Ken
Espinoza I WA McCartney, John
Espinoza M TH Morrison, Machel
Estaris P SN Mosqueda, Gilberto
Esteban N RE Qiao, Yu
Estes L MU Restrepo, Jose
Estrellado E TH Semnani, Shabnam
Falconi-Cavallini J WA Shing, PS (Benson)
Fanco A RE Todd, Michael
Fernandez J WA Tomac, Ingrid
Ferrier H FI Tsampras, Georgios
Finnerty J TH Uang, Chia-Ming
Flores A RE Van Den Einde, Lelli
Flores L RE Zhu, Qiang
Flores M WA Asaro, Robert
Galeana M WA Chen, JS
Gallagher R RE Conte, Joel
Galvan A WA Elgamal, Ahmed
Gan H FI Hutchinson, Tara
Garcia A RE Kim, Hyonny
Garcia M SI Uang, Chia-Ming
Garcia N MU Kosmatka, John
Garcia P WA Krysl, Petr
Garibay-Solorio K WA Kuester, Falko
Garrido-Clariana D RE Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Gaz C TH Loh, Ken
Gessert-Ma A FI McCartney, John
Ghafouri L RE Morrison, Machel
Giraldo A MU Mosqueda, Gilberto
Girard C SI Qiao, Yu
Goh O RE Restrepo, Jose
Gomez P SN Semnani, Shabnam
Gonzalez Gonzalez W SN Shing, PS (Benson)
Gonzalez A MU Todd, Michael
Gonzalez D MU Tomac, Ingrid
Goodwin C TH Tsampras, Georgios
Gorashi Z TH Uang, Chia-Ming
Griggs N MU Van Den Einde, Lelli
Gross C SN Zhu, Qiang
Guan B SI Asaro, Robert
Guintu J TH Chen, JS
Guntle M TH Conte, Joel
Guo A SI Elgamal, Ahmed
Gutierrez-Ramirez D MU Kosmatka, John
Gutierrez J SI Hutchinson, Tara
Gutierrez V WA Kim, Hyonny
Ha K TH Kosmatka, John
Han Y RE Krysl, Petr
Harder L FI Kuester, Falko
Hargis-Bullen L SN Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Harrington P SN Loh, Ken
Harris M TH McCartney, John
Hassabelrasoul E SI Morrison, Machel
Hassan Z MU Mosqueda, Gilberto
He H WA Qiao, Yu
Heinkenschloss I WA Restrepo, Jose
Hendrawan A WA Semnani, Shabnam
Hernandez Perez A RE Shing, PS (Benson)
Hernandez A TH Tomac, Ingrid
Hernandez A SI Todd, Michael
Hernandez I WA Tsampras, Georgios
Hernandez J MU Uang, Chia-Ming
Hernandez K TH Van Den Einde, Lelli
Hernandez M MU Zhu, Qiang
Herold M SN Asaro, Robert
Herron M RE Chen, JS
Hilahan V SI Conte, Joel
Hill A TH Elgamal, Ahmed
Hill H FI Hutchinson, Tara
Hioe B TH Kim, Hyonny
Ho E SN Krysl, Petr
Hoang J FI Kosmatka, John
Hobson Z WA Krysl, Petr
Holguin Valenzuela A MU Kuester, Falko
Hom N SI Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Hong T FI Loh, Ken
Hooi C SN McCartney, John
Hope V WA Morrison, Machel
Hsu E SN Mosqueda, Gilberto
Hsu K SN Qiao, Yu
Hua R FI Restrepo, Jose
Huang M WA Semnani, Shabnam
Huang W FI Shing, PS (Benson)
Huang Y SI Todd, Michael
Hudson L WA Tomac, Ingrid
Huey O WA Tsampras, Georgios
Hughes C TH Uang, Chia-Ming
Hurtado A WA Van Den Einde, Lelli
Hyun C TH Zhu, Qiang
Ibarra A MU Asaro, Robert
Icheva G MU Chen, JS
Iguchi R SI Conte, Joel
Ito H FI Elgamal, Ahmed
Iturribarria J WA Hutchinson, Tara
Iwanaga C SI Kim, Hyonny
Iyer I TH Kuester, Falko
Jacobowitz F RE Kosmatka, John
Janusek A WA Krysl, Petr
Javier T FI Kuester, Falko
Jiang X FI Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Jones M FI Loh, Ken
Jung C WA McCartney, John
Kamibayashiyama Z TH Morrison, Machel
Kaneshiro K SN Mosqueda, Gilberto
Kang A SN Qiao, Yu
Kano S SN Restrepo, Jose
Karandinos G SI Semnani, Shabnam
Karim L WA Shing, PS (Benson)
Kei M TH Todd, Michael
Kemble L SN Tomac, Ingrid
Kennedy J MU Tsampras, Georgios
Kim D SI Uang, Chia-Ming
Kim F RE Van Den Einde, Lelli
Kim G WA Zhu, Qiang
Kim N RE Asaro, Robert
Kindred S RE Chen, JS
King E SI Conte, Joel
Koski H SN Elgamal, Ahmed
Kundert S SI Hutchinson, Tara
Kuo J TH Kim, Hyonny
Lacerda Soares M FI Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Lam B SI Kosmatka, John
Lara J WA Krysl, Petr
Later C SI Kuester, Falko
Lau H FI Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Law N SN Loh, Ken
Lazaro Hernandez S MU McCartney, John
Lazo-Cazares A SN Morrison, Machel
Le K RE Mosqueda, Gilberto
Le P WA Qiao, Yu
Le T MU Restrepo, Jose
Le V TH Semnani, Shabnam
Lee D RE Shing, PS (Benson)
Lee E MU Todd, Michael
Lee E WA Tomac, Ingrid
Lee J FI Tsampras, Georgios
Lee K SI Uang, Chia-Ming
Lee K SI Van Den Einde, Lelli
Lee M MU Zhu, Qiang
Lee M TH Asaro, Robert
Lee P WA Chen, JS
Lee W SI Conte, Joel
Leung C SI Elgamal, Ahmed
Li A RE Hutchinson, Tara
Lie A FI Kim, Hyonny
Lim K SI Loh, Ken
Liu I SN Kosmatka, John
Liu J RE Krysl, Petr
Liu M SI Kuester, Falko
Liu Y SI Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Lo K SI Loh, Ken
Lo M FI McCartney, John
Lobato U WA Morrison, Machel
Locke J RE Mosqueda, Gilberto
Lockwood C SN Qiao, Yu
Lopez-Duran J MU Shing, PS (Benson)
Lopez J RE Restrepo, Jose
Lopez S WA Semnani, Shabnam
Lotfi S SI Todd, Michael
Lucas A SN Tomac, Ingrid
Luoma T SN Tsampras, Georgios
Luyties B RE Uang, Chia-Ming
Luzano L RE Van Den Einde, Lelli
MacDonald R SI Zhu, Qiang
Maciel B MU Chen, JS
MacLean C WA Asaro, Robert
Magtoto J WA Conte, Joel
Manfre C RE Elgamal, Ahmed
Mao R RE Hutchinson, Tara
Marasigan R WA Kim, Hyonny
Marinov A TH McCartney, John
Marmolejo Rubio J WA Kosmatka, John
Marquez E MU Krysl, Petr
Marti E SN Kuester, Falko
Martinez G RE Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Martinez J FI Loh, Ken
Martinez L FI McCartney, John
Matthews A TH Morrison, Machel
McArthur D FI Mosqueda, Gilberto
McKirdy A WA Qiao, Yu
Medrano S FI Restrepo, Jose
Mejia D SI Semnani, Shabnam
Melara J MU Shing, PS (Benson)
Melendez C RE Todd, Michael
Messer A RE Tomac, Ingrid
Meza B WA Tsampras, Georgios
Miao W TH Uang, Chia-Ming
Milbrodt J SI Van Den Einde, Lelli
Miller S WA Zhu, Qiang
Miron C MU Asaro, Robert
Moctezuma M MU Chen, JS
Montiel M SI Conte, Joel
Montoya G RE Elgamal, Ahmed
Morales-Mondoy L MU Hutchinson, Tara
Mortensen J FI Kim, Hyonny
Mosca L SN Morrison, Machel
Mouawad N FI Shing, PS (Benson)
Moyal N SI Kosmatka, John
Muliawan E WA Krysl, Petr
Murphy R WA Kuester, Falko
Nakamura E SN Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Ngo H FI Loh, Ken
Ngo M WA McCartney, John
Nguyen B RE Morrison, Machel
Nguyen D FI Mosqueda, Gilberto
Nguyen F MU Qiao, Yu
Nguyen H SN Restrepo, Jose
Nguyen H TH Semnani, Shabnam
Nguyen K SI Shing, PS (Benson)
Nguyen K WA Todd, Michael
Nguyen K TH Tomac, Ingrid
Nguyen T SI Tsampras, Georgios
Nguyen T SI Uang, Chia-Ming
Nicolas Flores O WA Van Den Einde, Lelli
Nieto D SI Zhu, Qiang
Norfleet M SN Asaro, Robert
Ocampo C RE Chen, JS
Ocampo I MU Conte, Joel
Ognar A SN Todd, Michael
Ortiz Lopez A MU Elgamal, Ahmed
Ortiz E TH Hutchinson, Tara
Ostness A MU Kim, Hyonny
Padilla E SN Mosqueda, Gilberto
Pae E WA Kosmatka, John
Page E RE Krysl, Petr
Paleo A WA Kuester, Falko
Palmieri N RE Tomac, Ingrid
Palomares A RE Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Parada Hernandez M FI Loh, Ken
Paras M WA McCartney, John
Park G RE Morrison, Machel
Patel A RE Mosqueda, Gilberto
Peddijanto S TH Qiao, Yu
Pena D WA Restrepo, Jose
Pentsakov M RE Semnani, Shabnam
Peterson L WA Shing, PS (Benson)
Pham B WA Todd, Michael
Pham C SI Tomac, Ingrid
Pham H FI Tsampras, Georgios
Pham N SI Tsampras, Georgios
Pho T FI Uang, Chia-Ming
Piatt C TH Van Den Einde, Lelli
Pimentel R TH Zhu, Qiang
Pires H SI Asaro, Robert
Pitcher J SN Chen, JS
Porcher D FI Conte, Joel
Poz K TH Elgamal, Ahmed
Pradis J MU Hutchinson, Tara
Pradumdusdepron M FI Kim, Hyonny
Pravednikov L SI Qiao, Yu
Preciado B SI Kosmatka, John
Prieto C TH Krysl, Petr
Purgason S SN Kuester, Falko
Quann M RE Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Quevedo J FI Loh, Ken
Qui A RE McCartney, John
Quinn J TH Morrison, Machel
Quynh A WA Mosqueda, Gilberto
Ramirez-Carrillo H SN Shing, PS (Benson)
Ramirez A RE Qiao, Yu
Ramirez C SI Restrepo, Jose
Ramirez X SI Semnani, Shabnam
Ramos N RE Todd, Michael
Randolph C RE Tomac, Ingrid
Redquest I WA Tsampras, Georgios
Rees C MU Uang, Chia-Ming
Regier P SN Van Den Einde, Lelli
Renteria G WA Zhu, Qiang
Reyes Morales A TH Asaro, Robert
Rice J TH Chen, JS
Richards D MU Conte, Joel
Riemer D SI Elgamal, Ahmed
Riggs J MU Hutchinson, Tara
Rincon Garcilazo S MU Kim, Hyonny
Rios-Villa O WA Kosmatka, John
Rios A WA Restrepo, Jose
Rissas R SI Krysl, Petr
Rivera C WA Kuester, Falko
Robleto Jerez G SI Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Roche W RE Loh, Ken
Rodriguez C MU McCartney, John
Rodriguez D MU Morrison, Machel
Rodriguez J WA Mosqueda, Gilberto
Rodriguez M TH Qiao, Yu
Rodriguez P WA Restrepo, Jose
Rogers G FI Semnani, Shabnam
Romano E MU Shing, PS (Benson)
Ross R RE Todd, Michael
Rowan J WA Tomac, Ingrid
Rufino T SI Tsampras, Georgios
Ruiz A TH Uang, Chia-Ming
Ruiz J MU Van Den Einde, Lelli
Russell S WA Zhu, Qiang
Rychlick K SI Asaro, Robert
Sahouria J FI Chen, JS
Saiid J RE Conte, Joel
Saiyed U FI Elgamal, Ahmed
Salazar A FI Hutchinson, Tara
Salem O MU Kim, Hyonny
San Julian E SN Semnani, Shabnam
Sanchez C WA Kosmatka, John
Sashoyan G FI Krysl, Petr
Schultz B WA Kuester, Falko
Seixas A FI Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Senadheera R RE Loh, Ken
Serna H SI Uang, Chia-Ming
Shaker J FI McCartney, John
Shatila D TH Morrison, Machel
Shenoy M MU Mosqueda, Gilberto
Sherrill R SN Qiao, Yu
Shultz M RE Restrepo, Jose
Silva Moreno J WA Semnani, Shabnam
Silva F WA Shing, PS (Benson)
Silvestro O FI Todd, Michael
Simpson A SI Tomac, Ingrid
Smith E SI Tsampras, Georgios
Smith K FI Uang, Chia-Ming
Soelberg A FI Van Den Einde, Lelli
Solabac B RE Zhu, Qiang
Solis D WA Asaro, Robert
Sosa J SI Chen, JS
Sotelo N WA Conte, Joel
Sotelo U WA Elgamal, Ahmed
Soto B FI Hutchinson, Tara
Spessert C SN Kim, Hyonny
Spry M FI Shing, PS (Benson)
Stefanos R MU Kosmatka, John
Stevens S TH Krysl, Petr
Stevenson M TH Kuester, Falko
Stotts A MU Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Stretovich Y WA Van Den Einde, Lelli
Su E SN Loh, Ken
Su W WA McCartney, John
Sun R SN Morrison, Machel
Sung A SI Mosqueda, Gilberto
Sustaita-Ramirez A MU Qiao, Yu
Tahmas H FI Restrepo, Jose
Tam B FI Semnani, Shabnam
Tangitau I FI Shing, PS (Benson)
Taylor C SI Todd, Michael
Tejeda P WA Tomac, Ingrid
Tejeda V TH Tsampras, Georgios
Telan D SI Uang, Chia-Ming
Telfer H SI Van Den Einde, Lelli
Tellez-Salazar A WA Zhu, Qiang
Terrazas A TH Asaro, Robert
Thornton J SI Chen, JS
Tigbao M WA Conte, Joel
Torres Herrera F MU Elgamal, Ahmed
Torres-Arellano A WA Kosmatka, John
Torres A WA Hutchinson, Tara
Torres K FI Kim, Hyonny
Torres T SN Todd, Michael
Tran A SN Krysl, Petr
Tran D TH Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Tran T RE Kuester, Falko
Trepanier T MU Loh, Ken
Tu R TH McCartney, John
Tuama L RE Morrison, Machel
Turner J MU Mosqueda, Gilberto
Uk B WA Qiao, Yu
Urbano A TH Restrepo, Jose
Valdez R WA Semnani, Shabnam
Valencia E MU Shing, PS (Benson)
Valerio C SN Todd, Michael
Vargas I TH Tomac, Ingrid
Vasquez D WA Tsampras, Georgios
Vazquez Garcia J SI Uang, Chia-Ming
Venegas K WA Van Den Einde, Lelli
Vergara L SI Zhu, Qiang
Vergel De Dios I WA Asaro, Robert
Villa E MU Chen, JS
Villa K WA Conte, Joel
Villanueva I WA Elgamal, Ahmed
Villanueva J WA Hutchinson, Tara
Villeno M TH Kim, Hyonny
Vinchhi N RE Tomac, Ingrid
Vo T WA Kosmatka, John
Vo V RE Krysl, Petr
Walling E FI Kuester, Falko
Wang A SI Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Wang L WA Loh, Ken
White M TH McCartney, John
White N SI Morrison, Machel
Win Tun Y MU Mosqueda, Gilberto
Wong B FI Qiao, Yu
Wong L SI Restrepo, Jose
Woods B SI Semnani, Shabnam
Wu D SI Shing, PS (Benson)
Wurts M SN Todd, Michael
Xu E WA Tomac, Ingrid
Yalda K SN Tsampras, Georgios
Yang I SI Zhu, Qiang
Yao A RE Uang, Chia-Ming
Yemaneberhane K TH Van Den Einde, Lelli
Yen R FI Zhu, Qiang
Yow J WA Asaro, Robert
Yu W FI Chen, JS
Yue I SI Conte, Joel
Yueh H TH Elgamal, Ahmed
Zanteson B RE Hutchinson, Tara
Zhai R WA Kim, Hyonny
Zhan C FI Tsampras, Georgios
Zhang D TH Kosmatka, John
Zhang E MU Krysl, Petr
Zhang S WA Kuester, Falko
Zhang S SN Lanza di Scalea, Francesco
Zhang X SI Loh, Ken
Zhong S SN McCartney, John
Zhou J TH Morrison, Machel
Zuniga X WA Mosqueda, Gilberto
Adams C SI Asaro, Robert
Asgharpour N WA Conte, Joel
Burt S MU Elgamal, Ahmed
Carrillo R WA Asaro, Robert
Castro C WA Elgamal, Ahmed
Chaplin S MU Kuester, Falko
Chavez A RE Van Den Einde, Lelli
Corpuz V MU Elgamal, Ahmed
Doo B SI Zhu, Qiang
Fermanian J SI Kim, Hyonny
Gallegos C WA Conte, Joel
Gershon P MU Hutchinson, Tara
Guan H TH Krysl, Petr
Guo Y SI Morrison, Machel
Ha K WA Hutchinson, Tara
Hoffman D SI Tomac, Ingrid
Ibrahim N RE Van Den Einde, Lelli
Jackson R SI Semnani, Shabnam
Jalala M TH Kim, Hyonny
Mathur K SI Kim, Hyonny
Mejia V WA Loh, Ken
Mendoza D WA Zhu, Qiang
Phan K WA Hutchinson, Tara
Randall C FI Chen, JS
Rodriguez Montes I RE Kim, Hyonny
Salazar M FI McCartney, John
Son Y RE Qiao, Yu
Tizabgar R RE Zhu, Qiang
Tran H WA Chen, JS
Tu M RE Morrison, Machel
Villa Ordonez J MU Tsampras, Georgios
Walston S SI Tsampras, Georgios
Wang H RE Zhu, Qiang

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