Advisor Information

Undergraduate Advisor

Jennifer Eller, 858-822-2273

Email: (Please ONLY send emails regarding OSD accommodations, to send an attachment, if you are not a current UCSD student, or to contact Jennifer on behalf of a student organization.  All other academic advising for UCSD students is required to be via the VAC. )

Virtual Advising Center

Students can submit questions to the structural engineering undergraduate advisor online via Virtual Advising Center (VAC).  

Phone and Zoom Advising

Current and prospective students may request a phone or zoom appointment to be held during regular appointment hours.  

How to schedule an appointment:

1) Check the advising calendar below for availability.  Please make sure you are requesting an appointment during a time that the advisor is available for appointments and is not already marked as busy with other appointments or meetings.  All appointments will be made assuming Pacific Daylight Savings Time zone.  If you are in a different time zone, please be sure to adjust your request accordingly.  

2) Submit your appointment request using this google form

Phone appointments: Students requesting a phone appointment must be able to call into a US phone number at the designated appointment time.  You will need to call 858-822-2273 to reach Jennifer Eller.  Phone appointments are good for conversations and questions that cannot be easily answered over email or via the Virtual Advising Center.  Current students must identify themselves with their full name, PID, and by verifying one of your current addresses on file to remain FERPA compliant.

Zoom appointments: Students requesting a zoom appointment will be given additional directions in the appointment confirmation invite.  Zoom appointments are good for conversations that would also benefit from screen sharing (where the student can see the advisor's computer screen on their phone or computer) such as large adjustments to your academic plan.  Zoom appointments are also good for students that are not able to easily call a US phone number (ie potentially international students). Current students must identify themselves with their full name, PID, and by verifying one of your current addresses on file to remain FERPA compliant.

3) Await confirmation which will come via a google calendar invite sent to your email address.

Appointment hours: (Be sure to check live calendar below)

    9:00 - 11:30 am PDT Monday-Friday

    1:30 - 3:00 pm PDT Monday - Tuesday and Thursday - Friday [Closed Wednesday afternoons]

Appointment policies:

Appointments must be requested at least ONE business day in advance.  We do not schedule same-day appointments.  

- The last appointment of the morning is 11-11:30 am, and afternoon is 2:30-3:00 pm.

- Besides a confirmation email (via a google calendar invite sent to your email address), no reminder emails will be sent.

- If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will need to submit a new request to reschedule your appointment.

- If you need to reschedule/cancel your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible by sending us a message via the VAC.

- We may need to reschedule your appointment in the event of an emergency.  

  • UNDERGRADUATE Advisor's unavailable appointments slots: Orange
  • GRADUATE Advisor's unavailable appointments slots: Pink



Faculty Advisors:

Abdolahi Shakib, M. Asaro 442K
Adame, H. J. Hutchinson 444K
Adams, C. H. Asaro 442K
Adams, J. D.  Morrison  
Aghegian, A. Chen 441H
Almazar, G. F. Loh 445G
Alonso Pagan, C. Conte 443K
Alsaad, M. Elgamal 443H
Alvarez Chavez, N. Mosqueda 443G
Alvarez, A. Chen 441H
Alvarez, S. Asaro 442K
Amancio Conte 443K
Amora, A. Shing 443J
Ancheta, J. Chen 441H
Andrade, M. Elgamal 443H
Antonio-Valdez, J. M. Hutchinson 444K
Aparicio, L. Kim, A. 444G
Arambulo, I. Shing 443J
Archila, R. Elgamal 443H
Asgharpour, N. Conte 443K
Audelo Solis, R. Asaro 442K
Azarbad, R. Kosmatka 441G
Babayan, D. Qiao 442G
Baddour, M. Tomac 445D
Bauman, R. Morrison  
Belani, S. Kuester 342D
Betancort, J. Mosqueda 443G
Bhakta, T. Van Den Einde 440E
Billman, C. Kim, A. 444G
Blau, J. Asaro 442K
Boentaran, G. Kuester 342D
Boguslavsky, M. Elgamal 443H
Bonilla, J. Chen 441H
Borbonio, L. Asaro 442K
Borijin, B. Kosmatka 441G
Bower, J. Restrepo 444H
Boz, L. F. Semnani 343K
Brenton, A. A. Asaro 442K
Brooks Theisen, C. S. Loh 445G
Brown, C. Tsampras  
Bundoc, G. Morrison  
Burt, S. A. C. Elgamal 443H
Byrnes, L. Krysl 445F
Cai, Y. Loh 445G
Callagher, K. A. Elgamal 443H
Camarena, J. Kim, H. 441J
Camorlinga, J. Restrepo 444H
Campos, A. M. Semnani 343K
Capone, A. Shing 443J
Caram, C. K. A. Conte 443K
Carrillo, L. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Carrillo, R. R. Asaro 442K
Castaneda, S. Conte 443K
Castellanos, J. Tsampras  
Castillo, S. Chen 441H
Chan, J. S. Todd 445E
Chan, M. W. Kosmatka 441G
Chan, M. Y. Hutchinson 444K
Chang, M. S. Van Den Einde 440E
Chaplin, S. J. Kuester 342D
Chau, A. M. Zhu 342E
Chau, J. Kim, A. 444G
Chau, W. C. Conte 443K
Chavez, A. Van Den Einde 440E
Chavez, M. Tomac 445D
Chavez, M. A. Todd 445E
Chavez, N. A. Semnani 343K
Chemais, B. Kuester 342D
Chen, H.K. Kim, A. 444G
Chen, K. L. Restrepo 444H
Cho, R. Van Den Einde 440E
Choi, H Kosmatka 441G
Choi, N. G. Tsampras  
Chu, R. Shing 443J
Chung, H. Loh 445G
Coleman, G. Kuester 342D
Collin, D. Tsampras  
Constant, R. Kim, A. 444G
Corpuz, V. R. Elgamal 443H
Couturier, A. Semnani 343K
Cruz, I. Shing 443J
Cui, H. Todd 445E
Cushman, I. Mosqueda 443G
Dalton, J. Tsampras  
Dang, B. Uang 444J
Davalos, B. Shing 443J
Dayanhirang, J. Krysl 445F
De La Pena, S. Todd 445E
Dela Cueva Tomac 445D
Delgado Garcia, M. Kosmatka 441G
Deli, L. Todd 445E
Diaz, J. C. Semnani 343K
Diaz, N. A. Morrison  
Dickson, J. C. Uang 444J
Diego, D. Tomac 445D
Diep, R. Shing 443J
Do, C. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Doo, B. Zhu 342E
Dreese, L. Uang 444J
Du, J. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Dukhan, S. Van Den Einde 440E
Duong, J. V. Van Den Einde 440E
Edjan Zhu 342E
Elenchezhean, T. Kuester 342D
Elliott, A. Restrepo 444H
Eng, C. Shing 443J
Enriquez, J. A. P. Morrison  
Erler, K. Shing 443J
Espinoza, I. P Elgamal 443H
Espitia, E. Asaro 442K
Faris Tomac 445D
Fermanian, J. G. Kim, A. 444G
Fernandez, I. J. Hutchinson 444K
Ferrier, H Chen 441H
Fetros, C. Conte 443K
Flores, M. Van Den Einde 440E
Flores, S. J. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Franz, J. Kosmatka 441G
Gallegos, C. Conte 443K
Gamboa, T. M. Tomac 445D
Gan, H. Uang 444J
Garcia Estrada Elgamal 443H
Garcia, D. Elgamal 443H
Garcia, N. Tsampras  
Garcia, P. Todd 445E
Gautier, A. M. Morrison  
Gershon, P. Hutchinson 444K
Gibson Kim, A. 444G
Gillette Hutchinson 444K
Girard, C. Kuester 342D
Godoy-Velasquez Krysl 445F
Gomez, H. Conte 443K
Gonzalez, A. R. Tomac 445D
Greenaway Mosqueda 443G
Grindley, J. Tomac 445D
Grygar, M. Kuester 342D
Guan, H. Krysl 445F
Guerrero, D. Kosmatka 441G
Guevara, N. F. Kim, A. 444G
Guo, A. Q. Chen 441H
Guo, Yicong Asaro 442K
Guo, Yiwen Morrison  
Gutierrez, J. Conte 443K
Gutierrez-Ramirez, D. Restrepo 444H
Guzman, I. Qiao 442G
Ha, K. Hutchinson 444K
Haight, E. M. Krysl 445F
Hakim, S. A. Tomac 445D
Haman, J. K. Zhu 342E
Hamblin, R. Chen 441H
Haque, L. Uang 444J
Hassabelrasoul, E. W. Elgamal 443H
Hayet, D. Shing 443J
Helmuth, H. V. Kim, A. 444G
Hemmatyar Uang 444J
Hendrawan, A. P. McCartney 442J
Hernandez, R. Van Den Einde 440E
Hernandez, T. Tsampras  
Hill, A. Uang 444J
Holmer McCartney 442J
Hooper, J. L. Morrison  
Htet Lanza di Scalea 442H
Huang, M. Elgamal 443H
Huang, P. Chen 441H
Hudson, L. Kim, H. 441J
Huynh, T.  Asaro 442K
Ibarra, A. J. Semnani 343K
Ibrahim, N. Van Den Einde 440E
Icheva, G. Krysl 445F
Iyer Kim, H. 441J
Jackson, R. C. Semnani 343K
Jansen, E. Mosqueda 443G
Javier, T. Tomac 445D
Jiang, Minghui Hutchinson 444K
Johnson, M. B. Todd 445E
Joo, A. Krysl 445F
Joo, J. Kosmatka 441G
Jung, C. D. Kuester 342D
Kaing, S. Todd 445E
Kamibayashiyama, Z Tsampras  
Kang, N. Q. Kosmatka 441G
Karandinos, G. Kim, H. 441J
Karim, L. A. Restrepo 444H
Kemble, L. Tomac 445D
Kern, C. Conte 443K
Khalid, L. Todd 445E
Khoylow, C. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Killeen, E. K. Kosmatka 441G
Kim, C. B. Kuester 342D
Kim, M. Kim, A. 444G
Kim, W. Shing 443J
Kokikian Todd 445E
Kolbe Tomac 445D
Kool, M. J. Semnani 343K
Kurakin, I. Shing 443J
Kutukjian, G. Semnani 343K
Kwong, A. Kim, H. 441J
Lam, B. Todd 445E
Lang, N. Hutchinson 444K
Lara, J. Restrepo 444H
Lara, K. Kosmatka 441G
Lau, R. Mosqueda 443G
Lawler, J. L. Morrison  
Lee, A. Kim, A. 444G
Lee, B. McCartney 442J
Lee, E. Uang 444J
Lee, E. H. Tomac 445D
Lee, E. J. Restrepo 444H
Lee, M. C. Qiao 442G
Leung, C. C. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Li, A. J. Tsampras  
Li, E. X. M. Semnani 343K
Li, K. Krysl 445F
Liao, T. Qiao 442G
Lie A. P. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Lin, A. Kim, H. 441J
Lin, Z. Kosmatka 441G
Liu, J. Krysl 445F
Liu, L. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Lobato, U. Kuester 342D
Locke, Jordan H Asaro 442K
Lockwood, C. Restrepo 444H
Lopez, J. Kosmatka 441G
Lopez, S. Hutchinson 444K
Loya, D. Chen 441H
Lozon, Y. Van Den Einde 440E
Lu, K. Tomac 445D
Lucero McCartney 442J
Ludwick Mosqueda 443G
Ma Qiao 442G
Machado Restrepo 444H
MacLean, C. Restrepo 444H
Maldonado Naranjo, D. Krysl 445F
Mandawe, T. R. Morrison  
Manfre, C. Zhu 342E
Marasigan, R. Semnani 343K
Marcus, N. Tomac 445D
Markowski, J. S. Asaro 442K
Martines, J. L. Kim, A. 444G
Martinez, G. A. Qiao 442G
Martinez, L. Mosqueda 443G
Martinez, S. A. Kuester 342D
Mathur, K. Morrison  
Maturingan Zhu 342E
Medellin, J. E. Morrison  
Medley, R. G. McCartney 442J
Mehta, A. Shing 443J
Mendoza, D. Zhu 342E
Mendoza, N. Krysl 445F
Meza, B. Van Den Einde 440E
Meza, S. Loh 445G
Miao, W. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Miron, C. S. Semnani 343K
Moctezuma, M. Hutchinson 444K
Mollahan, M. Tomac 445D
Montiel, M. Van Den Einde 440E
Montoya, G. Elgamal 443H
Morales, F. Shing 443J
Moreno, M. M. Conte 443K
Mumford, J. Zhu 342E
Munoz, A. Kuester 342D
Murphy, K. M. Tomac 445D
Musa, M. S. Loh 445G
Najjar, L. Kim, H. 441J
Naraghi, C. Restrepo 444H
Nelson D. Kim, A. 444G
Ngo, J. T. Kosmatka 441G
Ngo, M. B. Zhu 342E
Ngo, M. C. Mosqueda 443G
Nguyen, F. Krysl 445F
Nguyen, H.Q. Asaro 442K
Nguyen, K. K. Kosmatka 441G
Nguyen, K. T. Zhu 342E
Nichols Krysl 445F
Nomani, Samir Conte 443K
Norfleet, M. Mosqueda 443G
Ocampo, C. Zhu 342E
Oh, H. S. Qiao 442G
Olivas Perez, J. B. Morrison  
Ople, A. J. Kim, A. 444G
Ortega, O. J. Qiao 442G
Oshiro, T. K Uang 444J
Osorio Mosqueda 443G
Pacheco Osorio, E. Kosmatka 441G
Pae, E. E. Asaro 442K
Palomares, A. Qiao 442G
Pangilinan, J. T. Semnani 343K
Panian, J. Todd 445E
Panlilio, A. M. Kim, A. 444G
Park, B. K. Kosmatka 441G
Park, G. Van Den Einde 440E
Paulbitski, T. Chen 441H
Paxton, A. K. Shing 443J
Perera, H. H. Loh 445G
Perez, A. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Perez, Daniella M. Qiao 442G
Peterson, R.R. Restrepo 444H
Pham, N. Uang 444J
Phan, K. V. Chen 441H
Phillips, J. Shing 443J
Pho, T. Tomac 445D
Pigao, J. Kuester 342D
Pinon Lanza di Scalea 442H
Ponce, C. Krysl 445F
Ponce, E. Kim, A. 444G
Porter, A. T. Kim, H. 441J
Puffelis Lanza di Scalea 442H
Purgason, S. Hutchinson 444K
Qasawa Kim, H. 441J
Quann, M. Van Den Einde 440E
Quinn, J. Zhu 342E
Quintanilla, J. Kuester 342D
Quynh, A. K. Qiao 442G
Ramirez Zarate Chen 441H
Ramirez, C. Hutchinson 444K
Ramirez, S. Elgamal 443H
Ramos, E. D. Asaro 442K
Rebollar, F. Conte 443K
Redquest, I. Tsampras  
Rips, J. I. Kim, H. 441J
Rissas, R. Zhu 342E
Rivera, C. Kosmatka 441G
Rodas, J. Kim, H. 441J
Rodriguez Herrera, E. Elgamal 443H
Rodriguez Montes, I. Hutchinson 444K
Rodriguez, D. S. Conte 443K
Rodriguez, I. Qiao 442G
Rogers, G. H. Semnani 343K
Romano, E. Chen 441H
Roobol, A. Restrepo 444H
Rowan, J. A. Elgamal 443H
Rychlick, K. L. Kim, A. 444G
Sakonpiriyanon, T. Qiao 442G
Salazar, M. M. McCartney 442J
Salem, A. Restrepo 444H
Salvador, M. A. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Sanchez, N. Kuester 342D
Sandoval-Valencia, R. Morrison  
Santacruz, J. M. Qiao 442G
Santiago Rodriguez, R. Morrison  
Sarrosa Van Den Einde 440E
Sawa, E. N. Asaro 442K
Schwieterman Uang 444J
Senadheera, R. Loh 445G
Shafieishams, P. Kuester 342D
Shaha, G. M. Elgamal 443H
Shenoy, M. Zhu 342E
Shimizu, R. Todd 445E
Shohet, E. Hutchinson 444K
Shultz, M. T. Semnani 343K
Si, A. L. Uang 444J
Silva Moreno, J. Mosqueda 443G
Skinner Zhu 342E
Skladanek, A. J. Uang 444J
So Kim, H. 441J
Soelberg, A. Mosqueda 443G
Son, Y. R. Qiao 442G
Song Lanza di Scalea 442H
Sonza Elgamal 443H
Soto, B. M. Loh 445G
Stefanos, R. Loh 445G
Stevens, J. Van Den Einde 440E
Sun T. Krysl 445F
Sun, R. Y. McCartney 442J
Sunga, A. P. Tsampras  
Sylvester, M. Van Den Einde 440E
Tabatabaie Irani, S. Restrepo 444H
Tahmas, H. A. McCartney 442J
Tang, R. Shing 443J
Tangitau, I. S. Restrepo 444H
Taves, C. H. Chen 441H
Taylor, C. V. Morrison  
Tejeda, P. M. Loh 445G
Telfer, H. A. Semnani 343K
Terrazas, A. Todd 445E
Tesfamicael, B. McCartney 442J
Thomas, L. Kuester 342D
Tigbao, M. Zhu 342E
Tirendi, A. Kim, H. 441J
Tito, L. L. Asaro 442K
Tomas Carpio, A. Semnani 343K
Torres, T. M. Todd 445E
Tran, A. Tsampras  
Tran, H. P. Chen 441H
Tran, J. Shing 443J
Tran, T. Shing 443J
Trepanier, T. A. Mosqueda 443G
Truqui, M. Krysl 445F
Tsui A. Mosqueda 443G
Tsujimoto, M. Kim, H. 441J
Tu, M. N. Morrison  
Tu, R. Uang 444J
Tuama, L. H. Morrison  
Varela, L. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Vasquez, D. A. Loh 445G
Vaughn, S.  Chen 441H
Velazquez, L. F. McCartney 442J
Venegas, K. Conte 443K
Vera, R. Uang 444J
Verdin, F. Qiao 442G
Verdugo, A. Kim, H. 441J
Vergara, L. N. Tsampras  
Villa Ordonez, J. D. D. Kim, A. 444G
Villanueva, J. M. L. Restrepo 444H
Villeno, M. A. McCartney 442J
Vivas, A. Semnani 343K
Vo, T. D. Loh 445G
Vogel, T. A. McCartney 442J
Walsh, T. S. Loh 445G
Walston, S. O. Tsampras  
Wan, S. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Wang, A. Loh 445G
Wang, B. Y. Zhu 342E
Wang, E. H. McCartney 442J
Wang, H. Zhu 342E
Wang, I. Conte 443K
Watson, J. Hutchinson 444K
Welliver, C. Tsampras  
Wells, S. E. Uang 444J
Westra, A. Loh 445G
Wiggins, W. Tsampras  
Wiley, T. Mosqueda 443G
Win Tun, Y. Z. Mosqueda 443G
Won, D. E. McCartney 442J
Wong, A. Uang 444J
Wong, B. M. Krysl 445F
Wong, B. S. Uang 444J
Wong, J. E. Loh 445G
Wong, L. N. Loh 445G
Worley, B. Shing 443J
Wu, C. Tsampras  
Wu, K. Chen 441H
Xiao, A. M. Qiao 442G
Yang, C. McCartney 442J
Yescas, J. Krysl 445F
Yip Todd 445E
Yow Van Den Einde 440E
Yturralde, K. D. Todd 445E
Yueh, H. Conte 443K
Zapata, J. Shing 443J
Zepeda, L. Qiao 442G
Zhai, R. Hutchinson 444K
Zhang, H. Todd 445E
Zhang, S. Kim, H. 441J
Zhao, J. Shing 443J
Zhao, T. Hutchinson 444K
Zhao, Y. Tsampras  
Zhou, J. Lanza di Scalea 442H
Zhu, J. H. Kim, H. 441J
Zuniga, C. A. McCartney 442J
Zuniga, X. I. Mosqueda 443G